Our Story

Who we are... 

Just a normal family - The Williams (5) + 1 fur baby :). We seek the Lord in our lives, and we look to Him to set our path. We found Him in a new way in 2020, and it led to this!

We decided to sell our 2-year old home, sold most of our belongings, and hit the road to travel the US in our RV, while homeschooling our kids. This adventure opened our hearts with capacity...time to think about what we "would love to do" (I know you've all said this, but you can't always go after it). We freed ourselves from our permanent address, our regimen and roots, and we visited all of the places from West to East where our loved ones lived...and everywhere in between.

We were so satisfied with the change of pace...time to deepen relationships with family, and see the beauty across the country. What did we do with this reignited love for the mountains of Idaho and Wyoming, the forested hills of Tennessee, and the beaches of Florida? We took the time to remember that all of it was created by God!

We can give Glory to God for all that He created with such precision and perfection. Our time in peace, and pause, allowed us to refresh our relationship with God and deepen our appreciation for the things He does in our lives and all that He has created since the beginning of time.    

Why did we create Glory to God Products...

In our journey, and in years prior, God had been revealing to us a phrase that often brought us to tears in prayer...."Glory to God". Only 3 short words, but God reminds us that He is in control - He is our maker. How often do we tell God that He is honorable and magnificent?

We want to create a brand with a message built upon His Glory. Something as simple as a t-shirt or a notebook can allow people to spread the joy of their love for God in a way that could spark a conversation with a friend or a stranger about faith. 

The Vision...

We pray that Glory to God Products is a brand that gives people courage to own their faith, spread the Word of God, share testimonies, and bring others to the Lord for salvation. Can a t-shirt or a cup deliver salvation to someone? No. But a courageous and rooted believer with a desire to share their love for God could be the spark that leads to something glorious

Psalms 66:2 Sing the glory of His name; make His praise glorious